Ten Steps To Happiness

Are you happy? Action for Happiness, a movement to improve wellbeing, has set out ten things to keep you smiling. Here are little things they recommend that could make a big difference to your life.

1. Giving

Do things for others - volunteer to work for a charity in your spare time

2. Relation

Connect with people - get in touch with friends with whom you have lost contact

3. Exercising

Take care of your body - go for a run.

4. Appreciating

Notice the world around - take time to appreciate wildlife in your area.

5. Trying Out

Keep learning new things - learn a new language.

6. Direction

Have goals to look forward to - make resolutions and stick to them.

7. Resilience

Find ways to bounce back - learn from defeats to do things better in the future.

8. Emotion

Take a positive approach - focus on the happy moments of your life rather than the sad.

9. Acceptance

Be comfortable with who you are - do not dwell on your flaws.

10. Meaning

Be part of something bigger - join a society or club.

  • Wills & Kate To Choose 'You're Beautiful'?

    The Psychic Sisters have predicted that the first dance for William and Kate will be 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt at their wedding tomorrow. The prediction was made when Nordic Games, makers of Wii game We Dance, asked them for their prediction, and the group of nine psychics came up with the song after studying the couple’s energy.

    28 April 2011

  • Meditation Not Medication For Pain Relief

    Forget popping pills for aches and pains – recent research has suggested that meditation is an effective method of pain relief without the possible side-effects of medication. Dr Fadel Zeidan, lead author at Wake Forest Baptist Church in North Carolina, has championed research of the idea. According to his studies, meditating targets the part of the brain that is experiencing the pain as well as stimulating the coping areas, which can half the immediate pain being felt and reduce it longer term.

    19 April 2011

  • Yoga helping kids at school

    Yoga is sweeping across the UK for primary school children as a way to improve their concentration and achievement. Children as young as four are being taught ancient breathing and stretching techniques as the approach is being trialled amongst ten infant and junior schools in Essex.

    18 April 2011

  • Medium Buried Alive

    Medium and exorcist Ian Lawman is being buried alive for seven days in the grounds of Dudley Castle, which is notoriously haunted. Rather him than us, eh? He is however doing it to raise funds for The Blue Lamp Foundation which suporsts emergency services staff who have been injured at work.

    1 April 2011

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