Tarot Reader Thanks Spirit World For Life-Saving Diagnosis

A tarot card reader has thanked messages from beyond the grave for a life-saving breast cancer diagnosis.

Margaret Solis from Glasgow, who had recently lost two siblings to cancer, received signs from her brother to go to the mammogram she had been avoiding.

"Strange things were happening to me all the time. Every time I switched on the radio, Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer was on, the song played at my brother's funeral.” Margaret said. “If it wasn’t for my brother James, I don’t think I would have gone for a routine mammogram... there really are signs all around us”.

She attended the appointment that led to her diagnosis and now, after a lumpectomy, she is on Tamoxifen and will start a 3-week course in radiotherapy.

Margaret, who famously predicted the Lockerbie disaster and Charles & Diana’s divorce, says the future is looking bright. "I want to tell everybody because I have had a narrow escape. Maybe it's destiny. Maybe I am supposed to have had this escape to wake other people up," she explained. "When I do one-to-one readings, I urge people to go and get this checked or that checked. Many write back to say they're glad I did.”

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