Tarot Major Arcana The Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune is the representation of destiny - of good or bad fortune, success or failure, the ups and downs of life. It reminds us that not everything is 'written in stone' or destined to happen in a particular way, and that our own thoughts, deeds and words can influence which way the Wheel turns. This tarot card tells us that our fortune is in our own hands, and our actions will dictate the final outcome.

The Wheel also tells us to look not only to our present situation and our desires for the future, but how our past actions have got us to this point in the journey. The Wheel speaks of cause and effect - of a continuous circle of life where every action has a reaction and a consequence. The Wheel warns us to take heed of the signs and indicators around us and to listen to a cosmic message that may provide clues as to our next course of action. It can also indicate a major turning point in our lives, where our path takes a new and often unexpected change in direction. If the questioner has specific queries, the Wheel can frequently provide a much clearer and less ambiguous 'yes or no' response, but remember, nothing is set in stone. The influences of the surrounding cards and the actions of the questioner themselves will have a profound effect on the outcome. We cannot just leave it to the fates to decide - the Wheel tells us that we must take responsibility for our own destiny.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed

Even in the reversed position, the Wheel tells us of change, but it may not be the change we wanted or were hoping for. However, it also reminds us that all things pass, and even if a difficult stage of the questioner's life is indicated by the reversed Wheel, it also reassures us that the period will be short-lived before the Wheel continues to turn once again. In matters of the heart, it may indicate the end of one relationship and the beginning of a new one, while for career choices it may mean that the questioner is facing a period of uncertainty and even fundamental change.

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