Tarot Major Arcana The Star


We all look up at the night sky and are inspired by the constellations. We make a wish when we see a shooting star, and if we have grand dreams we are said to have 'stars in our eyes'. For generations, the constellations have played a key role in our lives, and the appearance of this inspiring card in a Tarot spread speaks of dreams, aspirations and the birth of new ideas and creativity.

The Star should fill you with confidence and joy. This is one of the most positive cards in the entire deck, and has a huge influence on any reading. Pictorially, it often combines the four primary elements of earth, air, fire and water, and frequently includes a representation of femininity in the form of a goddess or female figure. It represents new hope, inspiration and discovery. If the question concerns matters of the heart, then the Star promises a time of excitement, possible new romance and good fortune. Add in The Lovers into a spread, and the questioner could finally meet that tall, dark, handsome stranger that turns out not just to be the love of their life, but their soulmate too

The Star Reversed

Reversed, the Star still has a positive influence, but it may also speak of a reluctance by the questioner to trust their own inner feelings. It can also warn of setbacks in new ventures, albeit temporary. But primarily it will indicate a questioner who is not at ease with themselves, and is perhaps suffering from low personal esteem. A lack of faith may be causing unnecessary anxiety and fear of the future. The Star tells us to grasp opportunity firmly and to have a little faith and confidence in our own ability to succeed.

Depending on the surrounding cards, and particularly if the Nine or Ten of Swords is close by, it can speak of a refusal to accept what is directly in front of the questioner, or someone who is so entrenched in their ways that they are letting new opportunities pass them by. The message the Star sends us here is to open our minds to the possibilities around us, and to get back in tune with the Universe in all its glory.

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