Tarot Cards - The Terrible Twos?

Six cards in a Tarot deck bear the number two. While the suits they appear on and the pictures describing their part of the Fool’s Journey may seem distant and unrelated, the number two unites them all in a common theme. Alongside the Minor Arcana twos of the Pentacles, the Swords, the Cups and the Wands, the Major Arcana holds the High Priestess, numbered two, and the Hanged Man, numbered 12. The themes that unite these cards are those of patience, harmony, excessive moods and the inner turmoil of those seeking to achieve balance.

 Each of the cards has their own particular lesson to impart to us. Where the twos are concerned, although the lessons may appear to differ in accordance with each suit, there is a definite common ground between them:

 ● Patience can work for or against you. While it can pave the way to a material reward or an improvement in an aspect of your higher self, waiting for something for too long can result in boredom and psychic lethargy.

 ● Harmony can open your mid to a varied range of opportunities that you may not have seen before, but it requires considerable work to balance the opposing sides of your personality and warring aspects of your psyche.

 ● Excessive moods and extremes of behaviour are often necessary for a person to discover themselves; to establish their own identity and understand just what it is they believe in. However, those undergoing these psychic and emotional swings of the pendulum can often find themselves alone, until their excessive moods subside.

 When a two is drawn in a reading, it means that one or more of these themes is about to play a part in your life. Should you draw a number of twos, then it suggests that these themes are an immediate concern.

 Twos of the Major Arcana

The High Priestess is the most auspicious card to bear the number two. However, her apparent position in life is more than a title and more than a position of power. The High Priestess has attained her status through tempering knowledge with wisdom, which has required great effort and self-awareness. The nature of the High Priestess is not to help, although she will offer the benefits of her experience if she is asked to. Instead, the High Priestess has learned that it is often better to focus on yourself first. This attitude has set her apart from those around her. In drawing this card, the Tarot is suggesting that you are suffering from an imbalance of sorts and unless you try to find balance, you may well find yourself in some sort of isolation.

 Although the Hanged Man bears the number 12, the presence of a two in its numerical representation means that many of the characteristics of this number are common to it. It depicts a man, suspended upside-down from a tree. On a first look, it appears that the figure is restrained against his will. However, on closer inspection, we can see that he wears a peaceful expression. The Hanged Man has chosen this position to tap into his patience and gain a new perspective on the world around him. Drawing this card suggests you are employing your waiting skills to see how a situation will unfold. If drawn in reverse, it may hint that you are being stubborn or simply biding your time out of spite.

 Twos of the Minor Arcana

 The Two of Wands shows a comfortably dressed man holding a globe and looking out across a rich landscape. There are battlements at his feet, representing a self-imposed barrier he has put between himself and his desires. In order to achieve what he wants, the central figure must achieve some balance between his physical self and his mental abilities, signified by the globe. Drawing this card suggests that you will need to find inner balance in order to take steps towards your dreams.

 On the Two of Cups, we see two people, possibly lovers, chinking their chalices, possibly as part of some sort of ritual. Above them, the ethereal vision of a winged lion’s head has become manifest, although this doesn’t seem to be malevolent in its intent. This card suggests that interaction between yourself and others is the key to restoring your emotional balance, and that through exchanges of this sort you can gain new perspectives and opinion. The fact that they are oblivious to the lion’s head suggests that, on meeting inspirational people, it seems that little else is of consequence.

 The Two of Swords bears one of the most confusing depictions of the Tarot. It shows a blindfolded woman, sitting with her back to an ocean and holding two swords in perfect apposition to each other. The upright position of her swords suggest that the woman has triumphed over something and their balanced appearance hint that she has found the perfect fusion of her intellect and creative thought to achieve that triumph. However, the blindfold indicates, as with the High Priestess and the Hanged Man that she is in some form of isolation as a result. Yet, it is worth noting that she could remove that blindfold at any point; instead, she chooses to inhabit the world of mysteries and intellectual challenge.

 The Pentacles often represent material wealth or gain and the two of this suit is no exception. We see a juggler, trying to keep two pieces of gold from touching the ground. It seems that the juggler is being careless with his worldly good or taking risks with his earthly estate. However, what has been marked out as patience in the other cards has transformed into boredom in the juggler’s hands. Yet this boredom comes with its own wisdom. The juggler realises that life is insecure in its own right and that it can be beneficial to take occasional chances with what you own. The twos are often the most misunderstood of the Tarot cards, as it is assumed that they represent some form of isolation or emotional distance. However, as with all the cards, they impart a message that, if carefully considered, can help facilitate a positive outcome to particular situations.

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