Tarot Cards – The Minor Arcana – Two of Wands

The Two of Wands depicts a finely-dressed gentleman, standing on a battlement, surveying a rich landscape. In one hand, he carries a staff or wand; another is propped up against the wall. The landscape before him is both beautiful and vibrant – and yet the central figure does not look pleased or satisfied. What aspect of our subconscious selves does this card represent?

What Next?

The person in the picture represents the seeker. It suggests that they have reached a good place in their lives; that they have achieved their ‘kingdom’, in whatever form that may take. The figure is facing west. Traditionally, this is representative of looking into the past. In this depiction, the past has been a rich and full one and is a pleasant one to look back on. However, the question on the gentleman’s lips is: “What next?” Having achieved certain things in his life, the seeker is being advised to review the past, in order to make decisions for the future.

Problems And Higher Awareness

However, the presence of the battlements or brick wall suggests that there will be obstacles to overcome; there is a barrier between the answers from the past and the figure himself. Yet, there is encouragement from the cards: the figure has placed his staff on the wall, suggesting an ability to cross that divide. In addition, the figure is holding his staff in his left hand. The left is important in that it signifies the use of creativity and a higher awareness in order to overcome any problems. The presence of another staff is representative of the reserves we have at our disposal; just when it seems that there is no way over a problem, our creative sides allow us to think of a way around it.

The Two of Wands is a positive card. While it may suggest a current period of stagnation, it also reveals that we have the power to shape our own destinies. The past may not be for dwelling on, but it can be a useful back-catalogue from which to draw answers to problems in the future.

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