Tarot Cards – Major Arcana – The Tower

The Tower is an imposing card, depicting a mighty fortress on a rocky outcrop. Lightning flashes in front of the Tower and people can be seen falling from its battlements, into the crashing waves below. What can a seeker who draws this card expect the message behind it to be?

What is the Tower?

Each Tarot card has a story associated with it and the Tower is no exception. The Fool has been journeying for some time and learnt many lessons. As he approaches the Tower, he realises that he helped to build it and, at that time, it seemed the most important thing in the world. Looking up at the Tower, he sees that there are men living in it, but these men are arrogant and believe themselves to be superior to all others. The Fool then has a revelation: when he started out on his spiritual quest, he saw himself as being like the Tower and those who live in it – alone and exceptional. Now, however, he realises that he is no such thing. As he has this thought; there is a flash of lightning and the Tower is destroyed; reduced to rubble. But the Fool realises that this is a good thing: he has destroyed the lies on which his existence was built and there are new foundations on which to rebuild.

The Message

Anyone who draws this card is in for a shock; something will be revealed to them as false, something which they previously believed to be true. So profound is this revelation that the very foundations of their existence will be shaken. However, as the Fool realises, knowing he truth is far better and, once you are fully informed, you are better equipped to start rebuilding your life. The card also hints that the seeker may have become stagnant in their lives, which they are prepared to believe that everything around them is just fine when in fact, it isn’t. This card is unequivocal in its message and there is a clear responsibility to the reader to ensure that its message is delivered in the most tactful way possible.

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