Tarot Cards – Major Arcana – The Moon

The Moon card of the Major Arcana depicts a full moon over a pool of crayfish or lobsters. Yet the water is reputed to be so stagnant that nothing could possibly live in it. What is the meaning behind this tarot card?

Spiritual Stagnation

Interestingly, the Moon in the picture is almost secondary to the creatures in the water. These crustaceans are hard-shelled and, apparently, trapped. The water itself represents a period of emotional, spiritual or physical stagnation that the seeker must free himself from, before he can hope to go forward in life. The hard shells of the lobsters represent the defenses we construct for ourselves, in the hope of keeping negative energies at bay. However, these shells can also serve to trap any negative energies within us and allow them to fester. The shells represent our egos, which we must shed in order to embrace new experiences.

Beyond the water is a path, leading beyond the moon, to the sun that shines behind it. However, the path is guarded by two dogs, representing the fears that prevent us from making decisions to move forward. Beyond the dogs are two towers. The towers are representative of the false identities we often assume when we are making a decision; false attitudes and forced ideas can only lead us into further stagnation. The Moon reflects the Sun’s light over all of this, allowing us to see the problems that we are imposing on ourselves.

Accept the Challenge

Drawing the Moon in a reading often means that there is an important decision to be made, but we are too afraid to make it. Often, we challenge ourselves with fearful questions that prevent us from going forward, such as “what about the money involved” or “will this upset the children.” It may be that the seeker is in a negatively-charged relationship, but lacks the will-power to leave it. The Moon reminds is that if we do not accept the challenge we are faced with, we will remain stagnant and never see the Sun’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Ultimately, the Moon shows us that we have a choice, if we can overcome our fears.

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