Susan Boyle: the new Jennifer Hudson?

Peggy reckons that while Susan will make the final, she won’t win the title (though it will be a close call). Instead her career could be compared to Jennifer Hudson’s who didn’t win American Idol but went on to win an Oscar and a Grammy.

According to Peggy, she’ll subsequently become a huge recording star with a long, mainstream career, breaking records en route while her popularity will be fuelled by the social nature of the internet.

Personally, she'll become more extroverted with fame drawing out her best characteristics. Meanwhile, she’s become flabbergasted by the amount of fanmail she’s received but is actually happy without a man. He would have to be capable and strong and share her faith.

Peggy speculates that while she may have a ‘flash in the pan’ romance this year, she’s better starred to hold out until next spring.

Her biggest challenge comes from balancing her free spirit with what’s going on around her. Watch this space.

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