Summer's arrived!

Just when we thought winter would never end, summer has officially arrived. Already you can see that people have a certain spring in their step, and it won’t be long until we all start spilling out into parks, back gardens and taking long strolls in the sunshine.

Now that the sun’s out (well, some of the time) I’m going to be making the most of the great outdoors because it’s only when the dark nights start looming again that I realise just how much I appreciate the gorgeous light evenings and the laid back atmosphere.

Every summer I find myself being so busy with work that it’s only when it gets to September that I realise I’ve let most of it pass me by in a rushed blur. So I’m determined to take time to smell the daffodils and maybe - and my mum will be very pleased about this - learn a thing or two about gardening.

As I live in London, my garden is just about big enough to squeeze a small nice table and chairs in and still have room for a few pots here and there, so I don’t think I’ll become the next Alan Titchmarsh overnight. But rather scarily I’ve reached an age where I want to start growing things myself instead of buying everything from the supermarket. And in these credit crunch times if I can grow a few vegetables here and there and save myself a few pennies, even better!

  • Psychics get state funding

    Paul and Deborah Rees, from Bridgend in Wales, have been awarded a £4,500 grant to set up a school for psychics. The money comes from Want2Work, a scheme which helps people on long-term benefits get back to work or set up their own business.

    11 May 2009

  • It’s in the stars for Joanna Lumley

    For decades, Joanna Lumley has been a much-loved fixture on our TV screens, from Coronation Street to The Avengers and her award-winning role in Ab Fab, pictured. Now she can add the role of political activist to her CV following her battle to allow the Nepalese Gurkhas, who have fought for Britain for 200 years, to settle here.

    11 May 2009

  • Eurovision Predictions

    If you’re a fan of Eurovision then you’re probably waiting this year’s event in Moscow with baited breath. And wanting to know the winner?

    1 May 2009

  • Swine Flu – A Psychic Update

    The Women On The Web site has turned to psychic intuitive Peggy Rometo to give us her take on swine flu.

    1 May 2009

  • Here’s where it’s at!

    My boyfriend and I decided we were desperate to get away for a few days and relax recently, and by complete coincidence an email popped into my inbox from my friend Kate telling me about an amazing deal she’d found to Spain. For £170 each, her and her boyfriend were going away for a four day all-inclusive break in a four star hotel and she asked if we fancied going along.

    1 May 2009

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