Summer Solstice On Its Way

This year, Summer Solstice falls on 20th June. It's a date that has been significant for thousands of years as humans have been enthralled by the amazing power of the sun, and celebrations have been held throughout the ages. In the UK, maypole dancing was - and in some villages, still is - a big part of the traditional entertainment, as was a large bonfire. Members of the community would dance and drum around it, while couples jumped over the flames, believing the solstice was a time of great fertility.

The day is special because, as the longest day of the year, the sun appears to stand still in the sky – it's the day with the greatest light. It's a significant time astrologically too, as the zodiac-ruling sun moves from Gemini to Cancer, bringing a shift from a chatty Air sign to a home-loving Water sign. This will bring with it a general move from a time of sociability and extrovertism to nurture and a love of home comforts.

One of the most awe-inspiring settings to see in the Solstice is at Stonehenge, where members of the public are temporarily allowed access to this magnificent part of our heritage. Find out more at

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