Summer Sales

It's back to school and the end of summer but that's no reason to get depressed. There are some great end of season sales online giving you the perfect excuse to continue with your summer reading for a bit longer yet. Amazon is advertising Echart Toll's latest book: 'The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment' a £6.20.

Toll believes the path to enlightenment and ultimate happiness lies in learning how to live in the moment through managing your thoughts and emotions. In various chapters he discusses Chi, the power of the mind and examines enlightened relationships. The book is designed as a spiritual guidebook to help us live our lives better.

If it's a story you're after then you can always try Paul Coelho's bestselling novel 'the Alchemist' now only £3.97 also on Amazon. It's a simple fable following the story of Santiago, an Andalucian shepherd boy who follows his dream and set off on a journey from Spain to the Egyptian desert encountering various spiritual messengers and learning many lessons along the way. It's sold 30 million copies so far and some have even gone so far as to claim it has changed their lives! So get reading and see where the pages take you...

  • Going for Gold

    Could your star sign determine your sporting prowess? British statician Kenneth Mitchell  certainly seems to think so. After analysing the birth dates of all the Olympic winners since the modern games began...

    22 August 2008

  • Celebrate At The Goddess Festival

    A magical event is taking place in Kent this month, celebrating goddess power.

    21 August 2008

  • Star Crossed Loving gets Confusing

    A recent study by British scientists suggests that Pill affects the way in which woment choose their partners. The scientists claim it not only changes female hormones but can even effect the type of male 'scent' that women find most attractive.

    15 August 2008

  • Shopping By Star Sign

    Looking to treat yourself to something new? With autumn just around the corner, fashion website Stylehive has compiled a list of the perfect buy for each star sign.

    13 August 2008

  • Witches, Sirens & Soothsayers

    If you’re interested in learning more about witchcraft through the ages, new book Witches, Sirens & Soothsayers by Susannah Marriott may well be worth investigating.

    7 August 2008

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