Strengthening your psychic bond with your partner

Strengthening your psychic bond with your partner

It doesn’t need raised voices or flying crockery to let you know that a relationship is floundering! Often, it manifests as a feeling that there is 'something missing'. The physical side might be good and you might even have decent conversations, but if it feels like you’re simply going through the motions and that there is an indefinable something missing then it might be a sign that the psychic bond between you is starting to slip and needs strengthening.

While many people go rushing off to relationship counsellors, finding ways to strengthen that bond can actually be the best way to reinforce your relationship, before it’s too late.

The subconscious lover

The subconscious is like a silent two-way radio, receiving and sending signals 24/7. During our waking hours, we are constantly probing the subconsciousness of others, analysing the quality of their transmissions and seeing how receptive they are to our own. Based on our life experiences, our own subconscious selves make quick and accurate judgement about the cores of the people we encounter, mainly because the unconscious mind is remarkably good at cutting through the façades that we put on for the world and discern the truth of the intent behind words that are spoken.

Certainly it uses visual clues, such as identifying patterns of body language and the rhythms of speech, but it’s the psychic connection that really gives is the measure of another person. Often, this manifests as a hunch or a gut feeling about someone; we instinctively ‘know’ whether they are good or bad for us to be around.

When it comes to finding a partner and falling in love, the psychic probing becomes even more intimate and profound. Any psychic shields that we have in place are quickly dropped and we expose ourselves to that other person on a deep, psychic level. You can see this in certain couples. They have gone past the stage of feeling vulnerable and are now entirely connected to the point where they are able to finish each other’s sentences or know when their partner is in trouble, even though they might be miles away.

Watching the link break

However, the psychic self is also attuned to signs of withdrawal. If one of the couple is distracted or turns their attentions elsewhere, it will be noted on a subconscious level – even though that person might be behaving as they normally do. It might be incredibly subtle, but subtlety is the language of the unconscious mind. If left unattended, the psychic tendrils that link a couple will slowly withdraw, until those two people are left as entirely separate entities, although they might still share the same living space.

However, if both parties are aware of that feeling of stagnation and separateness, there are steps they can take to strengthen and repair their psychic bond. Not only can this restore them to their default setting as a fully-engaged couple, but it can also act as a psychic upgrade and bring them closer to each other than they ever thought possible. The best part is that there are no third parties involved and they are completely free!

Mutual meditation

Meditation with your partner is a great way to strengthen your psychic bond. If you’ve never done it before, it might seem odd and embarrassing at first, but even those giggly moments can help towards repairing that all-important link. You can begin just by meditating together and seeing how long you last.

However, if you really want to boost things, then consider doing psychic cleansing exercises together. The simplest way is for you to both visualize a white light that enters at your head and travels through your body, burning away any negative energy as it does so. In addition, once you have undertaken your cleansing, you can visualize the bond between you as a silver cord. If you need to, you can visualize the cord forming between you rather than being already there. Imagine a silver tendril extending from each of you and meeting and entwining in the space between. This communicates the idea to your subconscious minds that you are both ready to share with each other on a psychic level.

Talking about your beliefs

One of the topics that we’re taught to shy away from is spirituality. We’re taught that it’s an intensely private thing. Even in places of worship there tends to be little or no communication, and it’s a case of listening to an appointed authority on the subject, which can leave you feeling strangely detached from your faith.

However, actively discussing your beliefs with your partner can be a great way to restore harmony to your relationship. In a way, it’s one of the most intimate things you can do; you might think that your ideas are silly and feel vulnerable about sharing them – but allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of the person you love is one of the most liberating things you can do.

In addition, you might well discover another dimension about each other; one that you were previously unaware of. You will discover how our partner sees their place in the world and their role in life. On a psychic level, you will come to understand how each other perceives life and its meaning.

Just being

Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean going to a church or a temple. Some of the most profound psychic moments are to be found in the simplest of activities. Surrounding yourself with the purity of nature is a good way to rediscover each other, without all the clutter of our daily lives getting in the way. Take yourselves off to a picturesque landscape or visit a stretch of water and, as the Buddhists say, just ‘be’. There’s no need for deep or heart-wrenching discussions; sometimes inner and outer stillness are what’s need to let the subconscious get to work.

Learning to learn together

If you’re unsure about what you believe, then take some time to read books about the subject – but do it together. Just half an hour’s reading together will prompt enough debate, laughs and agreement to help you reappraise each other on a spiritual level. Your subconscious mind will be stimulated by what you’re learning and you may discover a whole new point of view; one that will help you to gain a greater understanding of the person sharing your life.

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