Starcrossed Love

Here’s one for all you reality fans. Welcome to a brand new online series that looks at whether astrology really does have any impact on how we love each other...

Starcrossed Love tarot asks: is love written in the stars? It covers 28 days in the lives and loves of the 12 astrological signs through various representatives/guinea pigs/unintimidated folks. 

What’s more if you want your love life under the microscope, you can post in your own video of your emotional rollercoasters at

Meanwhile, watch the couples through all their highs and lows on YouTube.

  • Sweet dreams

    I’ve always suffered badly from jetlag. Long haul flights can mean my body takes more than a week to get back to normal. I find myself desperate to nap in the afternoon but come night-time spend hours staring at the alarm clock and praying my body will be tired enough to sleep soon.

    3 July 2009

  • Russell Grant goes Glastonbury

    This weekend sees the annual mud-bath known to the festivaling world as Glastonbury.

    26 June 2009

  • George Clooney hires psychic

    It’s not only regular folks like us that have an interest in psychics – it seems Hollywood’s A-list are also fans.

    26 June 2009

  • Summer Solstice

    Yesterday, 21st June marked the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. 

    22 June 2009

  • Introducing TV’s Psychic Academy!

    Well ‘The Apprentice’ is finally over  but we’ve already got the scoop on the next big thing to hit our television screens!

    17 June 2009

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