Stand by for Paranormal Activity!

This weekend, the States was gripped by Paranormal Activity.

Well, not literally, we’re actually talking about the new movie of the same name, which shot to number one in the US box office, out-scaring the latest SAW incarnation in the run-up to Halloween.

If you’re interested in such business, it comes with great reviews and is the latest in a line of ‘is it based on true events, or not?’ movies like The Blair Witch Project and Open Water.

Here’s the deal: a young, middle class couple moves into a suburban 'starter' house and  become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night when they’re trying to get to sleep. Bump in the night, indeed.

Anyway, take a look at what everyone’s getting so worked up about right here.

  • The world’s first 'tweance' with dead celebrities

    Top psychic and friend of Kooma, Jayne Wallace plans to conduct the 'world's first online séance' using the wonderful world of twitter.

    14 October 2009

  • Astro update: Jupiter changes direction

    Planets often change their paths in the sky, and when this happens conditions change on earth as well. These events connect with our inner and outer lives as where this change of movement takes place is connected to the astrological element of your chart.

    14 October 2009

  • Bones returns with Cyndi Lauper as a psychic!

    The US TV series, Bones has just made a major return to US screens with a little help from Cyndi Lauper, famous for 1980s hits such as ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’.

    22 September 2009

  • George Clooney in new psychic film!

    Psychic abilities in wartime is the subject of a new film recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

    18 September 2009

  • See TV psychic Lisa Williams

    Lisa Williams is a celebrity psychic who’s generated quite an audience Stateside thanks to shows like Life Among The Dead and Voices From The Other Side, which have been huge hits on US cable TV.

    4 September 2009

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