Spotting and avoiding Psychic Vampires

Hear the word ‘vampire’ and you’ll probably get an image of a young Christopher Lee cackling away through a mouthful of oversized dentures. Vampires are the stuff of myth and legend - undead fiends who stalk the night in search of blood.

However, hear the words ‘psychic vampire’ and you’ll probably draw a blank – but it might surprise you to know that these creatures are much more real than their Transylvanian counterparts. Psychic vampires are a real phenomenon and have been around for thousands of years – and it may surprise you even more to find out that you probably know one or two.

What is a psychic vampire?

What psychic vampires do have in common with their jugular-draining cousins is that they do feed off living beings. However, it’s not blood they’re after, it’s psychic energy. Have you ever been in the situation where you have spent some time in a person’s company, only to come away feeling exhausted, depleted and emotionally drained? It’s very possible that that person is a psychic vampire and is unconsciously feeding from your energy reserves.

However, unlike the supernatural creatures of literature and film, many psychic vampires don’t even realise they’re doing it. In many cases it’s not an intentionally malicious act, but it is harmful nonetheless.

Most psychic vampires are people who, for one reason or another, are spiritually underdeveloped. Generally speaking, they are out of balance with themselves and feel that as something like a hole in their psyches. Because they are unable to see the wood for the trees, they are unaware that they are riddled with negative energy and their apathy tends to prevent them from doing something about it. Instead, they prefer to surround themselves with strong, confident, positive people and drain their energy from them.

You might find that there are people you know who suddenly seem to blossom in the presence of certain people. That can be a sign that they may well be psychic vampires. Just as alcoholics use drink to numb them to their own unhappiness, psychic vampires avoid getting to the heart of their own problems by soaking up the energies of those around them and using them as fuel or confidence boosters. But how do you spot a psychic vampire?

Types of psychic vampire

There are many types of psychic vampire and, if you’re going to protect yourself and learn how to avoid them, you’re going to have to learn how to recognise them. Often we realise once it’s too late; we’ve been in their company and come away feeling exhausted. However, this list might give you the chance to make your excuses and leave before they sink their psychic fangs in!

The Needies

Needy types are a classic form of psychic vampire. These are the people who always seem to have a problem and are always in need of advice. They may appear polite or embarrassed or friendly, but these are all ways through which they know they can get close to you. You may find that, should others join the conversation, they are very sure to bring back the focus of the chat to their own problems. These are the people who seem completely unable to help themselves, no matter how much wisdom or advice you throw at them. It’s a far better idea to steer clear, because until they can get to grips with their own issues, they are nothing but a vortex sucking your energy into it.

The Over-reactor

Dramatic types are sometimes easier to spot. These are the people who cannot help but make a drama out of a crisis, even if there's no crisis to get dramatic about in the first place! It’s as if the whole world revolves around them and their reactions are the most important. If there’s a sad situation, they will be the ones weeping the loudest. If there’s a confrontation, they will be the ones making the most noise.

However, it doesn’t stop there; these people will be the ones who bear grudges, seem most offended and have the loudest opinion over an issue that may well have little or nothing to do with them. What they’re looking for is for people to feed them with positive energy; the Good Samaritans who try and calm them down or offer them wise words. If you know people like this, it’s best to give them a wide berth.

The Self-pitiers

Self-pitying psychic vampires are those who seem to continually have a run of bad luck. They are those for whom nothing ever seems to go right and they will cheerfully expound the idea that they probably deserve it. You may well have met these people before; they are people to whom you can extend the hand of help, but who never seem to grab it. The truth is that, the closer you get to them, the weaker you become and if you stand too close to the edge of their bottomless well of self-pity, you may well find yourself falling in. Self-pitying psychic vampires seem to be the kind of people who need help with virtually every aspect of their lives, every step of the way.

The Blabbermouth

Most of us have encountered talkative psychic vampires; they’re fairly easy to spot. These are the people who talk, longer and louder than anyone else, but never seem to have anything new to say. Instead, they trot out the same old jokes and the same old points of view, practically steam-rollering over anyone who wants to make a contribution to the conversation. They seem unaware that there is anyone in the room who might have an opinion, instead favouring the sound of their own voice. Yet, they expect you to listen to them – even if you’ve heard the story a hundred times before.

While they might be incredibly cheerful or even friendly, you can almost feel your energy flowing out of you, once they’ve opened their mouths. Unfortunately, these people tend to hold positions of power, making it hard to cut them out of your life entirely.

There are plenty of ways to avoid a psychic vampire, but the best way to protect yourself against them is to create a psychic shield. Using meditation and visualisation techniques, it is possible to create a psychic barrier that will keep your energy fresh, positive – and yours.


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