Shining a psychic light on your life - how to embrace positivity

Have you ever noticed that when you have one negative thought, others are very quick to follow? Negative thoughts are like iron filings to a magnet; once one has found its way, it will swiftly bring others with it. This sort of thought process can have a sudden impact on someone, resulting a spiral of downward thought that can, in turn, result in physical and emotional apathy and even health problems.

But, did you know that positive energies can act in the same way? Attract one and others will follow. While they might seem a little harder to bring into play, it is entirely possible to make positive energies a part of your life and enjoy the benefits. Let’s have a look and see how it’s done.

Accentuate the Positive

There’s certainly a lot of negative energy whizzing around and it’s all too easy to embrace or give into it. Once you’ve identified one thing that’s apparently wrong in your life, you then seem to be faced with an endless list. However, there are options; steps you can take to rid yourself of negativity and replace it with positive energy.

Unless you’re prepared to take a stance against negative energies, you won’t give positive events a chance to happen. You’ll be so wrapped up in your own problems that you’re likely to miss golden opportunities – even though they might be taking place right under your nose. Using positive energy can have immediate and long-term effects – but there will be a little effort required.

● The first thing you need to do is look at the people you interact with. In many ways, your friends are a reflection of aspects of your own character. If you’re going to make a change, then you need to cut people who radiate negative energy from your life and replace them with people who radiate positivity. This may mean changing your routines or going out to different places on a Friday night. However, every change can be a positive one; you will experience new situations and new people which can inspire your positivity to greater heights. Just as negative people can sap your energy, positive ones can fuel it, so surround yourself with people who have a lust for living.

● It’s too easy to sit and dwell on our mistakes. In fact, considering them to be mistakes at all is taking the wrong route in the first place. They are simply lessons that we have failed to learn from – but even that’s not too late to rectify.

Begin by noting your achievements, no matter how small they might seem, and examine how they have impacted on your life, what you have learned from them and their long-term, positive effects. Once you’ve racked up a good list, pick something from your past that perhaps you’re not so proud of and investigate it. Take into account your life experience at the time and see if you can work out what you can take away from that experience. Every mistake we make has something to learn attached to it. Once you’ve worked out what that is, it’s no longer a mistake but part of your personal learning and growth process. There is no such thing as failure unless you fail to learn from what you’ve been through.

● When we’re faced with problems or challenges, it’s tempting to see them as insurmountable obstacles. Train yourself to look for the benefits of overcoming problems, rather than the problems themselves. Once you see a problem as merely a stepping-stone to gaining something positive, you will begin to enjoy the challenge ahead. Instead of thinking over the problem, the creative aspect of your character will learn to think around it.

Once you’ve worked out the solution, you’ll be able to give yourself a pat on the back for your resourcefulness. Problems are not here to beat us; they’re placed in our paths to test our creative reserves. The bigger the problem, the more creative you’ll have to get and the more creative you get, the bigger the reward will be.

● Your self-esteem is a key part of your positivity and, if it’s low, then you need to do something about it. Visualisation is a great way to instruct your subconscious to process information in a different way. Start by entering a meditative state and then visualize yourself at a period in your life when you were at your most confident and dynamic. Do this in as much detail as you can, making the picture bright and colourful and as big as possible. Note the way you walk, your posture, your clothes and the way your confident self sees the world.

Once you’ve got that fixed in your head, then imagine the current ‘you’ stepping into that image of yourself. Note the difference in how you perceive things, remember how you dealt with problems and recall how your attitude differed then from how it does now. Do this at least once a day and you will be instructing your psyche to resurrect the confidence that you thought you had lost.

● Understand that every decision in life boils down to choosing between the paths of Love and Fear. The path of Love will lead you to new horizons, new encounters and greater positivity, while the path of Fear will only lead you deeper into yourself. By choosing the path of Love, you are confronting the things that hold you back and stepping through them. It also helps to understand that there are no right or wrong decisions. Every choice we make comes with its own associated peaks and troughs.

There is no such thing as a wrong choice; choices are simply different. However, there are choices that will impact negatively upon you, particularly through inactivity. Set yourself a daily challenge to take little risks; to do things that you wouldn’t normally do, to go places you wouldn’t normally go and to engage with people you wouldn’t normally engage with. They might be simple, little challenges but they can have extremely positive effects on your life.


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