See TV psychic Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a celebrity psychic who’s generated quite an audience Stateside thanks to shows like Life Among The Dead and Voices From The Other Side, which have been huge hits on US cable TV.

She’s also made appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America and Larry King Live and does readings for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But this weekend she’s back in the UK and taking part in a psychic UK tour, which kicks off at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall this Sunday.

She said: ‘It is my first tour of the UK so I am really excited about the whole thing. In the last few years I have had a really mad time and I am still not sure if I feel humble or embarrassed by it.’

Her experiences as a medium have led her to see Marilyn Monroe on a staircase in a Hollywood restaurant which housed a mirror that once belonged to the actress.

Princess Diana even appeared to her during a live stage show.

Lisa said: ‘When Diana appeared to me, I was in the middle of a show when I saw this figure of a blonde woman. I was thinking to myself that she looked familiar when she told me her name was Diana.’

‘I was so taken aback I really had no idea what to do and that shocked me. She then showed me an image of her marriage to Charles and I asked the audience if anyone had been a guest at the wedding. Incredibly a single hand went up and I thought this had to be a joke.'

‘It turned out Diana was only there just to help connect this women with her soulmate. Still, it was a really amazing connection and one I will never forget.’

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If you’d like to experience what Lisa offers as a medium, then check her out at one of the following dates or on her website:

6th September – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
7th September – Opera House, Blackpool
8th September – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
15th September – Lyric Theatre, Salford Quays
16th September – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

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