Scientists Champion Meditation

It's been practised by people all over the world throughout the ages, and now scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that meditation has a measurable effect on the brain.

Dr. Richard Davidson of Wisconsin has been conducting trials with Buddhist monks for some time now, and believes that 'by meditating, you can become happier, you can concentrate more effectively and you can change your brain in ways that support that'.

It's an idea backed up by Professor Mark Williams from Oxford University, who is an expert in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), a psychological treatment that's mainly based on meditation. He says, 'It teaches a way of looking at problems, observing them clearly but not necessarily trying to fix them or solve them.

It suggests to people that they begin to see all their thoughts as just thoughts, whether they are positive, negative or neutral.'

What's more, recent trials seem to support this, with evidence suggesting that the course reduces the likelihood of another attack of depression by those who have suffered in the past by an impressive 50%.

Spiritual coaching

Why not get a little spiritual coaching? As athletes need a coach to guide their development and help improve athletic performance, spiritual coaches help guide the development and improvement of spiritual matters. Spiritual growth is deeply personal, and you may find that a certain coach just works better for you.

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