Rune Meanings – Uruz

The Nordic Runes, particularly those of the Elder Futhark, have been used for centuries as a tool for self-knowledge and divination. Casting the Runes give the seeker access to knowledge that they have often hidden from themselves. Each Rune carries a unique symbol and a unique meaning associated with it. The symbol, Uruz, embraces the notion of change.

Rites Of Passage

Originally, the symbol, Uruz, was used to represent the auroch. Aurochs were a wild bison, once common in Northern Europe, but now extinct. For many Teutonic tribes, the slaying of an auroch was a rites of passage event; men were not considered to be men until they had successfully hunted and killed one of these beasts. It comes as no surprise, then, to find that Uruz has come to represent the concept of transformation. Cast upright, Uruz, suggests that the seeker will find themselves experiencing a dramatic change or the opportunity to prove themselves against a formidable challenge. Initially the seeker might perceive this as a frightening situation; one to be avoided. However, Uruz serves to remind us that change is a natural part of life and that it should be accepted as such. This attitude mirrors the transformation of boy to man; a change that may appear traumatic, but is inherently organic.

Male Characteristics

Uruz also represents typically-male characteristics, such as strength, will-power, stamina and determination. Where the seeker asks about their health, the presence of this Rune suggests that they will be able to overcome any problems they face, but only if they are willing to draw on those aspects of their personality. Reversed, Uruz suggests that there are health problems on the horizon or it may indicate that the seeker is weak-willed and may succumb to physical temptation that is injurious to health, such as drugs or alcohol.

Other reversed meanings indicate that an opportunity will be arising that the seeker must not let slip away. However, it can also mean that the opportunity could be harmful and should be passed by. In instances where the meaning is not clear, the instincts id a Rune Reader will be invaluable.

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