Romanian witches under pressure

Romania may be the land of superstition and vampire lore, but its modern-day witches and psychics are feeling the heat.

That’s because a new law is about to be introduced that would penalise anyone who makes a prediction that turns out to be incorrect. And the authorities are set to impose fines, or even jail sentences, for this alleged ‘crime’.

Unsurprisingly, the nation’s fortune-tellers are up in arms, with many critical of a move that they claim is designed to raise extra government funds during the current economic crisis. What’s more, the profession is already reeling from last month’s decision to make their earnings taxable.

Prominent witch, Bratara Buzea, summed up the defiant mood, saying, “I will fight until my last breath for this not to be passed.” She stressed that a whole host of factors could lead to incorrect predictions, claiming, “They can't condemn witches, they should condemn the cards. What about when the client gives false details about themselves? We can't be blamed for that."

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