Remote viewing - an MK Ultra myth or a real skill?

Remote viewing is the phenomenon in which the person possessed of these psychic abilities, known as a ‘viewer’, can give details about a target that is beyond the normal range of the senses. Viewers are able to ‘see’ over long distances, without having to worry about things like where the location of the target is or whether or not they are somehow shielded from sight; these are things that, ordinarily, cannot be perceived by the general population. However, remote viewing is more than just seeing over a long distance; it is more a cocktail of other sensory abilities; mental imaging, sounds, tastes, smells and textures are all associated with this gift. Remote viewing has been in the public consciousness since the early 1950’s, when the US government sanctioned an investigation into its possibilities. But just what did they learn – is it real or just a popularized myth?

What was MK Ultra?

 MK Ultra was a project was an investigation into the behavioural manipulation of human being. In essence, it was put together to see if ‘mind control’ was a possibility and, if so, how it could be used in military, defence and espionage situations. The project was a secret one, until it was given the official go-ahead in 1953. Unfortunately for the government, MK Ultra soon became a watchword for conspiracy theorists, as it was found to be engaging in illegal practices, in order to achieve results. The project-managers used a variety of means to alter subjects’ mental states, including the administering of drugs, without the subject’s knowledge. These drugs included the hallucinogen, LSD, among others. Other methods were reported to have included sleep and sensory deprivation, isolation and even sexual abuse. Because of the extreme methods involved, there has always been a question mark hanging over the legitimacy of any findings that were uncovered.

 Increasing the efficiency of perception

 In most people’s minds, a project of this sort would probably be conducted in a secret research facility in the desert. However, MK Ultra was a sprawling study, involving hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical testing laboratories. Among the various goals that the project was trying to achieve, one of them was to “increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.” In other words, the CIA wanted to know whether there was anything to the claim that remote viewing was a reality. Its purpose was to try and synthetically engineer a state in which remote viewing was possible, or to uncover those who had this apparent ability. Anyone found to be in possession of such a talent would be an invaluable asset to the military and intelligence services, able to perceive targets that needed to be assassinated or reveal the locations of prisoners of war, military bases or weapons-manufacturing plants.

 There are very few existing documents to show just how successful the results of these experiments were. On the back of the Watergate scandal in 1973, the majority of the data recorded during the MK Ultra study was destroyed. A few did survive, as the result of being incorrectly filed in a financial records building, but their content has been largely ignored. Instead, they were used to spearhead a campaign to prevent the CIA using unwitting test subjects in the future and to ban the use of illegal substances and test practices in any other investigations. For those of us who are interested, the question still remains: is remote viewing a genuine ability?

Countering Soviet viewing projects

 Gerald O’Donnell is the founder of the Remote Viewing Academy and claims to have worked as “a remote viewing instructor for a Western intelligence agency.” His belief is that remote viewing is entirely possible, as long as the viewer operates “at a level of mind where he/she will show electrical brainwave traces where Theta waves oscillating between four and five cycles per second are predominate.” O’Donnell claims that he was approached by a Western intelligence agency in the 1980’s to counter very well funded departments of the KGB and GRU, who were already well advanced in their studies into remote viewing and, by that time, already had fully operational units of remote viewers working for them.

Much of what he teaches relies on the theory that there is more to the Delta level of consciousness than previously thought. The Delta level is the state of deep sleep in which no dreams are manifest: “since consciousness is lost at Delta level, the scientific mainstream has concluded that thought processes disappear when sleeping. Since no one has ever recalled any experiences whilst in the Delta state, it was inferred that there really was nothing to be recalled. Remote viewing operations in Europe have shown otherwise.”

The worldwide web of thought

 O’Donnell’s teachings include learning how to bypass the Delta state and achieve the Theta state of brain activity, through which he believes it is possible to conduct remote viewing. During this state, he argues, we all have the power for remote viewing. In fact, he goes on to say that he believes that we are all subconsciously interconnected; that there is no such thing as the individual but, rather, we are all one consciousness that has unfortunately learned to compartmentalize itself. His suggestion is that, were we all to learn how to access the necessary levels of consciousness for remote viewing, it would be “very much alike what occurs within the worldwide web of communications when information sent out by a central server in a compressed, packet-like manner, is received in a non linear breakdown format and is then decoded and reconstructed in order to form a linear time/space coherent whole at the level of each personal computer.”

 If O’Donnell’s claims are true, then another question rears its head; with the potential for humanity to experience itself as one consciousness, is it not better for the powers that be to encourage the idea of psychic separation and individuality, rather than for us all to share each other’s thoughts? Perhaps remote viewing is a possibility, but the tip of a psychic iceberg that those in charge were rather we were unaware of.


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