Remote Clairvoyant Readings - How Accurate Are They?

Clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’ is the ability to perceive things that are usually beyond the field of human perception. Many clairvoyants offer their services as conduits between the spirit world and the physical realm, passing on messages between the two planes. More typically, clairvoyants use their heightened intuitive ability to discern how the querent’s future is likely to unfold. By tuning into the querent’s subconscious, they are able to spot patterns of psychic activity that allow them to accurately predict future events.

 However, where clairvoyance was once a service offered to clients, face to face, with the dawn of the Internet, clairvoyants are now able to offer their services over great distances; a phenomenon known as ‘remote clairvoyance.’ Given that clairvoyance requires a psychic exchange between two people, how accurate can a remote reading be?

How clairvoyance works

 In order to understand just how remote clairvoyance works, we must first look at how it operates in its traditional context. In a face to face reading, the clairvoyant uses his or her skills to create a psychic bond between himself and the querent. The subconscious can be likened to a two-way radio transmitter that is continually sending and receiving psychic information, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This is all conducted behind the veil of consciousness, so that the majority of us are unaware that it is taking place.

 However, many of us are occasionally aware of its existence, often through ‘gut feelings’ or peculiar phenomena, such as ‘knowing’ who is going to be on the end of the telephone before we answer it.

 Clairvoyants are people who are aware of their intuitive abilities and have fine-tuned them to such an extent that they are able to home in on particular frequencies, such as the wavelength of the querent. Once they are tuned in, they can gain dramatic insight into that person’s emotional, mental and physical states and offer advice or guidance as to how they can progress in life.

 Some clairvoyants are able to perceive psychic vibrations from the future and see just how the querent’s transmissions will tie into those future events. Using this technique, they are able to make accurate predictions as to what will unfold. Other clairvoyants, who specialize in contacting the spirit realm, use their gifts to create a clear channel of communication to those who have passed on. Occasionally, they will mix the vibrations of their own subconscious with those of the querent to send a clearly identifiable signal to particular spirits.

Remote clairvoyance

Generally, these sessions take place on a one to one basis; there is something both comforting and strengthening for both parties involved. However, clairvoyants now offer both telephone and email-based readings, without ever meeting their client and often being separated by significant distances. Is it possible that the readings are just as accurate?

 The answer is yes but, in order for us to fully understand how, we have to think tangentially. While we have likened psychic thoughts and vibrations to radio waves, the fundamental difference is these vibrations are not diminished by distance; not as we understand it in the physical realm. For a clairvoyant to make contact with the spirit realm takes tremendous effort and concentration, but not because of the ‘distance’ involved. In many ways, the spirit world and the physical realm ‘overlap’ and the only barrier that a psychic projection has to break through is that of the conscious mind.

 The same is true of a psychic connection between people; it is not tempered by miles but by the intensity and intent with which it is transmitted and received. If this were not true, a clairvoyant could stand next to a skeptic and tune into their psychic wavelengths with ease. However, a psychic barrier, in the form of a skeptical or ‘closed’ mind is the only thing that can interfere with the quality of a psychic connection.

 Focusing on the querent

It does, however, take more effort and focus for a psychic to make a connection with someone they have never met. A conversation or email exchange may be enough for them to get a flavour of the psychic transmissions they must focus on, but there are millions of signals floating out there in the ether and it takes a psychic with strong intuitive abilities to find the correct one. However, once that link has been established, the psychic’s subconscious will store its blueprint away for future reference, so that subsequent connections can be made quickly and more easily.

 The other side of the equation is the querent. While they do not have to be aware of their own psychic abilities, they must have a desire for the connection to be made. The feeling of ‘I want this to happen’ acts as permission for the subconscious to go about its business. Any doubt or skepticism will translate into resistance and even the strongest psychic cannot bond with a mind that doesn’t want to be involved.

The bond is the most important part of the process and, after a remote reading, many querents report feeling that they somehow ‘know’ the psychic, even though they may never have met or, as in the case of Internet readings, even spoken. This is simply the residue of the psychic connection; just as when you hold hands with someone, layers of skin and oils are exchanged, so too, when a psychic link is forged, layers of subconscious information are exchanged. The result is a feeling that something intimate has taken place, but on a profound level.

 Genuine psychics are genuine psychics, regardless of distance. Unofficial experiments were even conducted on the Apollo Space Mission, using Zener cards to see if psychic connections could be made from space. Some even feel that remote readings are more accurate, as there is no chance of cold reading or the interpretation of body language through which the reader can glean extra information. However, as with any service, shop around and, where possible, research testimonials and seek recommendations.

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