Reasons to be thankful

Christmas is supposed to be a time of merriment and celebration; a time when we give thanks for what life (and perhaps Santa) brings us.

Now the bods at online 'personal gratitude journal',, have delved into their archives to figure out exactly what it is that people genuinely feel grateful for. Collating more than 25,000 random expressions of gratitude, the thankfulfor chaps were able to organise them all into 42 categories.

And rather hearteningly, the category with most entries was packed with people offering thanks for the family, friends and special people in their lives. In fact, almost half of all entries expressed gratitude for loved ones.

Perhaps less predictably, money and jobs featured much further down the list, coming in at tenth place. Looks like the old adage that money doesn't buy happiness had it right all along.

To make your own statement of gratitude and read others', visit:

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