Psychics Predict Brangelina Split In 2010

Psychic Source, America’s oldest psychic service, has predicted that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will part ways in 2010. The Hollywood super-couple have been together since 2005, and have an ever-growing brood of six children. 

The claims were made as part of Psychic Source’s list of predictions for the coming year which also include the (un)revelatory Tiger Woods not playing golf this year and a massive New York snow storm

Meanwhile, Angelina herself is rumoured to have arranged a meeting with a psychic who will help her get in touch with her late mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand. Jolie recently discussed her regret at missing out on asking her mother some important questions, so she has allegedly contacted a medium to organise a séance.

It is reported that she wants to ask whether or not she should formally marry Brad Pitt, and whether she should continue to adopt or try for another biological child.

The couple recently donated $1million dollars to Doctors Without Borders, who are assisting with the earthquake disaster in Haiti.

The actress was last seen in the movie Wanted, pictured and is rumoured to be involved in the follow-up.

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