Psychic shaggy dog story!

An Australian family have been reuinited with their missing pet dog after a psychic advised them of its whereabouts. Awww.

Ardi, the six year old Labrador cross, had been missing for a week when a local paper got in touch with pet psychic Liza Callen to see if she could offer any help. Callen believes she has had the ability to communicate with animals since birth, and has used these skills to practice as a pet psychic in America for many years.

She advised the Nash family, from Coolum Australia, to look for their dog in a leafy suburb nearby. Cullen believed that the dog had been lured into a white van with raw meat, and then dumped somewhere west of their home in Coolum.

The next day they received a phone call from a woman in that area who had found Ardi waking down her street. Ardi is now safely back at home with the Nash family! We just love a happy ending!

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