Psychic School of Excellence

Clitheroe-based businessman Kevin Horkin has put in an offer of £850,000 to buy the derelict Grade I-listed Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales to open Britain’s first ‘psychic school of excellence’.

Mr Horkin already owns a psychic management company Parallel and aims to create a facility for psychics to connect with the spiritual world.

He revealed: ‘It has always been one of my ambitions to open a psychic retreat somewhere and this would work on several fronts.
‘It will be somewhere where psychics can go to meet like-minded people, to further their interests and develop their psychic senses.
‘There will be some psychic workshops because I think there is a desire and a need for that.
‘That’s why we have gone for North Wales. It is a fantastic place and this is a dream of mine.’

Mr Horkin has reportedly spent 18 months trying to find the right location and believes the castle will not only appeal to psychics but the public at large, thanks to a hook-up with a hotel operator.

He said, ‘It is something different. There’s a risk with opening it but I just feel strongly about it. I love the place and I feel that people will love it too. There’s just something about it.’

But you’re going to have to wait a while, he hopes to open the psychic school of excellence in late 2012.

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