Psychic Readings via Asparagus, Handbags and Bums!

You may be familiar with psychics, clairvoyants and mediums but what about readers who can predict via asparagus, handbags and bums!

The Express has just published a feature about readers who make sense of the past, present and future using these methods.

Jemima Packington is an “asparamancer”, claiming she can predict through the medium of asparagus. She says: ’When I was about eight I made my first prediction having dropped some asparagus on the kitchen floor during a family meal. The pattern that the stalks made seemed to make some kind of strange sense to me and, just as someone might use cards or runes to interpret forthcoming events, I found myself making a prediction.

’I can’t actually remember what this prediction was – maybe something to do with one of the family winning something – but I know that it came  true. After that I carried on using the asparagus to channel my newly discovered psychic reading powers…
‘So why do I use asparagus for my predictions? Because it chose me as a medium. I’ve tried to use other vegetables but it just doesn’t work for me.’

Victoria Bullis is a psychic who gives readings using customers’ handbags and shoes. She says: ‘It is perfectly possible to give a psychic reading through any kind medium. I was asked by Harrods’ head of accessories – who had heard about my work on the radio – if I would be able to do readings for customers through their handbags in the store’s bag section.

’I ended up giving more than 100 readings; people were queueing around the store and I ended up giving many of the employees readings too.

’I look at what that bag actually means and symbolises in relation to the owner’s soul and I can see the statement that bag makes about them.
‘I’m now starting to do shoe readings as well, as this is another important statement that women put out to the world. ‘

Sam Amos, 53, is a rumpologist. She says: ’People often laugh in disbelief when I explain that rumpology is the science of reading bottoms as you might read a palm but it is, in fact, an ancient art which has been practised by, for instance, Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jacqui for many years.

My foray into rumpology came when I was challenged on radio to make predictions using this medium and found that I was able to do it. There is nothing untoward in a rumpology reading – my clients wear briefs or shorts, bikini bottoms or a thong and I look at the shape of the bottom first. Then I see the energy around the area from the waist to the knee as an aura, in colours.

I see 75 per cent of my clients in the flesh but I can also make predictions from photographs and have told people’s futures on TV programmes just by looking at photos of the buttocks of celebrities such as Robbie Williams.

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