Psychic Puts Kate In Touch With Princess Di

Kate Middleton has been receiving advice from Princess Diana with the help of a psychic reader, claims The Independent.

The royal bride was put in touch with her late mother-in-law to-be at a séance she attended on the advice of the Duchess of York. According to a family friend: ‘Kate was a bit sceptical, but the pressure has been getting to her recently. In the end, she thought no harm could be done and agreed to attend a séance with her sister Philippa’.

Kate was apparently bowled over when the psychic channelled Diana’s unmistakable voice and revealed details of Prince William’s life that only she could know. The princess is said to have been ‘giggly and delighted’ about the upcoming wedding, but has concerns over Kate’s diet and advised her to watch out for certain people in Prince Charles’s inner circle.

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