Psychic Predicts Sugababes Success

Jade Ewen, the newest member of ever-changing girl group, the Sugababes has revealed that a psychic predicted it all…

Originally a solo star and our Eurovision entry, Jade was recruited for the group when Keisha Buchanan was ousted.

Says Jade, ‘I've never done Tarot cards, but a week before I went to LA my friend and I had a tea leaf reading.
‘I don't usually believe all that but the woman read that I was a performer in the spotlight. She said, 'You're going to work hard and get bigger and bigger, then you'll lose something career-wise. You'll be devastated but in the end it will work out.
‘Then, even weirder, she said I was going to make loads of money and meet two girls and we'd be like a family. I keep a diary and it was only when I was in the hotel in LA that I looked back and went, “My God - this is what the woman was talking about.”'

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