Psychic Maureen Scott Publishes Revealing New Book.

Professional medium Maureen Scott has published her first book, 'West Country Medium-in the light of experience', on the quest to convert cynics and explain just how mediumship works.
Sixty four-year-old Maureen believes her physic and healing ability was handed down from her grandmother. Although she's had it since birth, she only realised the extent of her abilities at the age of 11 when she started predicting occurrences and receiving premonitions. Maureen became a professional medium at the age of 22 and has carried out readings from her home ever since.
Speaking about her book, she said, "I just want to tell people really that this is not all there is. There are sceptics but I just wanted to put the word out and just to let people know there’s a spirit world and there’s something more to life than immediate reality."
The book contains details of her own experiences, including claims she received telepathic messages from missing toddler Madeline McCann and a premonition about Princess Dianna before her accident. She also gives her views on many aspects associated with the spirit world, including automatic writing, psychic art, tarot cards and Ouija.

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