Psychic Beats Police In Search For Missing Woman

A psychic in Cherryville, Canada, has stunned locals by locating a missing woman in the same area that police had previously searched.

Seventy nine-year-old Margit Lobesz was last seen at her house on Friday afternoon, and was found on Sunday night just 300 yards away by family members who had enlisted the help of a local psychic.

Amazingly, police and sniffer dogs had failed to locate the woman, even after combing the exact same spot. Police spokesman Gord Molendyk said, 'A family member reported her missing at 8pm Friday, a grandson was the last to have seen her around 3pm Friday, then she appeared Sunday night around 11.20pm. The family calls a psychic, voila, they find her in the dark…there appears to be questions that need to be answered, especially when she's found that close to her home, and search and rescue and the dog team couldn't find her'. He confirmed that police were sceptical about the incident, saying 'some of the circumstances don't add up.'

Lobesz's daughter Maggie said: 'A friend of mine knows a psychic, who came out with my friend, and within half an hour of them being there, she was exactly where she said she'd be. She told us she was laying in water with leaves all around her. We found her within 15 minutes of that. So, sceptical or not, it happened'.

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