Out Of Body Experiences – Exploring Other Dimensions


There are many types of out-of-body experience, such as etheric travel, bi-locational travel and soul travel. Perhaps the most well-known is astral projection, in which the astral body leaves the physical body to travel through different environments and, often, different dimensions. 


Rooted in Science

The theory behind astral projection relies on physics. Physics tells us that all matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration. Other frequencies of vibration exist, but these are difficult and sometimes impossible to see. While the physical body vibrates at the low frequency needed to establish solid matter, astral travellers suggest that the consciousness exists in corporeal form, but at a higher vibration. The process of projection involves achieving a trance-like state where it is possible to separate the astral body from its physical shell and travel at will.


Many travellers report travelling through other dimensions. If we follow the argument stated by physicists, then it is entirely possible that these realms exist, despite there being no tangible evidence to support them. Travellers report experiences that seem well beyond the possibilities of the physical world, although it is suggested that the encounters they have are affected directly by their state of inner harmony; positive energies create positive experiences, while negative energies create negative ones.


Lucid Dreaming

Those who practice astral projection are also keen to differentiate between this phenomenon and that known as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming involves achieving a state between waking and sleeping, where it is possible to recognise that you are experiencing a dream and manipulate that dream, much like a hologram, to enjoy the experience you want. Astral travellers insist that, whilst sleeping, they are able to achieve a state where they are conscious, yet able to exist in what could be best described as a dream world.


The process for learning astral travel is a long one buy, with practice; you may find you are able to project your astral self onto a higher plane. There are many resources available on the Internet, giving simple instruction on how to achieve the right meditative state and separate your astral body from its physical housing.


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