Nurturing your child's natural psychic talents

The majority of psychics have said that they first noticed their talents becoming manifest in their childhood. However, these gifts were often ignored or actively suppressed by their parents. More often than not, they were dismissed as nothing but the symptoms of an over-active imagination. There are occasions in which children have been misdiagnosed as having a mental illness, and in families with a strong religious backbone, children have even been thought to be possessed by evil spirits or were somehow in league with dark forces.

But sometimes parents have simply embraced their child’s gifts and sought to nurture them, but all too often, the idea that a child may have psychic gifts has negative connotations and they have been ignored, laughed at or stamped out.

How do you know if your child is psychic?

With this in mind, it’s a small wonder that children quickly learn to keep their psychic abilities a secret. Many of us know someone whose child has had a supernatural experience. They might have been talking to someone who wasn’t there but gone on to give an accurate description of a dead relative or they might seem to be able to correctly predict certain events. However, these are stories that tend to be told for their shock value, and there are few stories of parents who embrace these events and go on to encourage their children to explore their gifts.

But what if your child is displaying evidence of psychic abilities? If you’re one of the few that believes that we are all born with psychic talents and you want your child to make the most of what he or she’s got – what should you do?

The first thing you need to know is what you’re looking for. It’s primarily because children are so imaginative that many parents miss what’s right under their noses. Here are a few signs that your child might have some latent abilities:

Signs of psychic ability

● That old scenario of a child interacting with someone who isn’t there is the most common indicator that they have a gift. However, as we know, children often have ‘invisible fiends’. If you do find your child talking to someone that you can’t see, then ask them to describe that person. If it is a relative who has passed on and who they never met, you might have a burgeoning medium on your hands.

● Some children can recall their past lives. Typically, this manifests in sentences that begin with “when I was a grown-up” or dreams that seem to pack historical detail that they couldn’t possibly know. Again, talking to them about what they believe they have experienced is the best way forward; the more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to work out whether this is imagination or something else.

● There are children who seem to be able to predict future events. Sometimes, these visions come to them in dreams or as fleeting moments, such as knowing who’s on the telephone before you’ve answered it.

If you’ve decided that there is more to what your child’s going through than just simple imagination, then there are a number of things you can do to investigate just how pronounced these gifts can be.

How to help your child nurture their gifts

● First and foremost, you should continue talking to your child about what they’re experiencing in a way that communicates to them that what they’re seeing or hearing is completely normal and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. However, it’s important that you remain as neutral as possible about what you hear. Any display of excitement might cause your child to embellish what they’ve been through or even start to make things up. Children love attention and will do everything they can to court it. So talk to them as though this is something that happens every day.

● Where possible, keep a journal or video diary about what your child tells you. If you can, persuade your child to write about it or draw pictures of what they have seen. Ask them to include how the experience ‘feels’ as well as what they are presented with in these moments of psychic activity.

● There are plenty of games you can play to explore and test your child’s abilities. The Zener cards are probably the most well known, but it’s worth checking online to see what other games are available, what they test for and what results to look for. There are online psychic tests available, but these tend to be automated guessing games; the human element is an important aspect of helping your child develop what he or she has got.

It’s also important to remember that those with psychic abilities tend to be sensitive to the emotions of those around them. While you don’t want to mollycoddle, it might be advisable to protect your child from situations where emotions are highly charged or away from people who are persistently depressive. While they will learn how to cope with these in time, when they are young and have little control over what the experience they could find it disturbing or even frightening. So it can be a good idea to avoid them during the early years.

Facing the future together

While you might be open minded enough to accept hat what your child tells you is true, it’s an unfortunate fact that there will be those who will either make fun of the child or treat them as though there is something wrong with them. If your child is displaying evidence of some psychic ability, it might be prudent to explain that not everyone understands what these powers mean and that it can frighten them. In essence, you want to ensure that your child doesn’t talk to the wrong people about what they’re experiencing. It’s a difficult line to walk, but your little one needs your support, not the ridicule of others.

Your child’s gifts may fade as he grows older. However, you might find that with love, understanding and support, they may blossom into something else; something more potent and rewarding. Your child’s talents are nothing to be afraid of; they are something to be embraced. Some show ability for sports, some for art and some for academia, so why should we treat children with psychic gifts any differently?


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