No Christmas without Cadbury and Buttons

A Welsh couple whose two dogs have gone missing in freezing conditions are enlisting psychic help to find them.

Chocolate Labradors Cadbury and Buttons disappeared from their home in Denbighshire over a fortnight ago, and owners Alwyn and Lin Dowell have been working with a local dog whisperer, Catherine Walker, to track them down.

According to Catherine, the dogs are trapped somewhere with Cadbury having suffered an injury and daughter, Buttons, is refusing to leave her. She says, ‘Buttons is telling me she is in dark place, with rats coming through a hole, though she can see light above her.’ She stated that at least one dog was still alive.

And her assessment was backed up by another Welsh medium to whom owner Lin sent hair cuttings. Lin recalls, ‘She told us that, on a scale of one to ten, Buttons is rated seven, so she is still OK. But Cadbury is rated a four, which means she's very poorly. It is upsetting to hear this kind of detail and to think they are suffering.’

The Dowells are continuing to search local barns, wells and mine shafts, using the psychic information as a guide. Says Lin, ‘It's not something we'd normally think about but we are happy for any help. Their safe return would be the best Christmas present we could have.’

For more on the search for Cadbury and Buttons, click here:

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