New Year, new you?

Happy New Year everyone!

OK, it’s New Year’s resolution time, but how about this year we don’t put massive amounts of pressure on ourselves to give up loads of things, and instead promise ourselves that we’ll do things that will benefit us?

Maybe instead of saying we’ll never eat chocolate again (come on now…!) we promise to give ourselves half an hour off every day to do exactly what we want.

How about instead of joining an expensive gym that we’ll probably never go to and will just feel guilty about, why don’t we find a form of exercise that we enjoy doing, like dancing or going for nice long walks in the country?

New year’s resolutions are supposed to somehow magically make us better, happier people, but when we don’t manage to keep them up we end up feeling worse than ever. So maybe the first resolution of 2009 should be to not be too hard on yourself.

Nobody is perfect and if we set ourselves unattainable goals we’re just going to end up feeling more frustrated than ever. So instead of telling yourself what you can’t do, tell yourself what you can do.

For instance, ‘I can buy those gorgeous shoes if I sell some of my old ones on Ebay!’

My main New Year’s resolution is to give myself a break. I’m not going to swear that I’m going not going to drink wine for the whole of January or that I’ll go running on the park every day. Then if I do go for a few runs and cut down on the Pinot, it will be a bonus and I’ll feel proud of myself, rather than that I didn’t stick unrealistic goals!

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