Music Reduces Blood Pressure

Scientists have discovered that listening to classical, Celtic or Indian music for just thirty minutes a day can significantly reduce blood pressure.

In addition to music, the ancient Indian practice of Vedic Astronomy is one of the most insightful forms of divination in the world. Practiced by experienced readers called Pandits, you can now access the power of Indian Vedic Astrology to provide insight into your love, life, career and family matters.

A live Indian astrology readings can give a unique and detailed insight into a person's past, present and future based on 3 simple pieces of information: the date, time and place of birth.

  • Mind Body Spirit Festival

    The 32nd annual Mind Body Spirit Festival kicks off on 21st May and looks set to be one of the biggest and best yet.

    15 May 2008

  • How Truthful Are You?

    Ever have difficulty working out whether someone is being completely honest or a big fat fibber? Check up on their star sign and find out how truthful they tend to be...

    9 May 2008

  • Money & Star Signs

    Do you dream of having enough money to sail away on a round-the-world cruise? Do you live from hand-to-mouth, spending your cash as soon as you get it? Or perhaps you're the type who believes in saving up for a rainy day?

    25 April 2008

  • Older, Wiser...And Happier?

    Worried about getting older? Well according to a new study, old age is something to look forward to as it's likely to be the happiest time of our lives!

    23 April 2008

  • 5 Myths About Contentment

    Often feel like something might be missing in life but can’t quite ever seem to put it right? In the latest issue of Psychologies magazine, psychologist and author Linda Blair discusses the five myths that we often succumb to relating to our own personal contentment - the ways that we should adjust our mindset accordingly.

    21 April 2008

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