Money, money, money

There’s no doubting that the credit crunch is having a massive effect on everyone at the moment, but could it be that something positive will come out of the dark times we’re all experiencing?
I for one have stopped buying things just because they’re ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy one get one free’, and for the first time in ages, my kitchen doesn’t feel cluttered! I can open drawers without things spilling out, and I don’t fear for my life every time I open a cupboard in case a can comes crashing down on my head.
I’m buying things as and when I need them instead of storing them up and then feeling guilty when I throw out packets of food I’ve forgotten about a year down the line.
If there’s one thing the credit crunch has taught me, it’s to buy food as and when I need it. And it’s so refreshing.
I’m no longer tempted by those cleverly placed ‘offers’ which you barely even notice you’re buying into and if I need some carrots I’ll buy a few instead of getting a huge bag that I promise myself I’ll use up at some point and never do.
Best of all, I’m finally learning to cook. Packet meals are overpriced and generally packed with loads of rubbish and cooking from scratch using natural ingredients is making a difference to my health as well as my pocket.
I feel a real sense of achievement with every new dish I learn to cook and I feel safe in the knowledge that in some weird way, I’m saving money while I eat!

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    5 November 2008

  • Why we should say 'could' not 'should'

    Hello, friends It’s a simple fact that we all put way too much pressure on ourselves. Every day we rush around telling ourselves what we ‘should’ be doing, who we ‘should’ be seeing and what we ‘should’ really do that evening, when all we really want to do is laze around in front of the TV.

    4 November 2008

  • Psychic Reality Show

    World-famous psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker and his psychic family are set to become Britain’s latest reality television stars. Our Psychic Family is a brand new series following the day-to-day lives of the Hamilton-Parkers in an Osbourne-style reality TV show.

    29 October 2008

  • De-stress Your Soul

    Life can get on top of us at times, so much so that we never have time to stop and think. This stressful lifestyle can affect our outlook on life as well as our souls, as we increasingly find ourselves without the time to sit back and relax.

    29 October 2008

  • Take Your Body and Soul on Holiday

    A break away with different scenery to wake up to every morning is sometimes all the body and mind need to recuperate from the daily stresses of life. Footprint Books have brought out the perfect holiday guide to flick through and plan a much needed get-away, called Body & Soul Escapes: Britain and Ireland.  

    29 October 2008

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