Money, money, money: Part 2!

I blogged recently about how I’m trying to look for positives when it comes to the credit crunch, and I’ve found another one! The past few months have made me realise just how great it is doing free things.

My boyfriend and I set ourselves a challenge to search out great gratis things to do and as a result we’ve discovered loads of things about our local area and - I never thought I would say this – we’ve been on some amazing walks.

There’s a nature reserve about ten minutes away from my flat and it’s one of those places we’ve always say we’ll get around to going to one day. Finally, last weekend, we did. And it was well worth it. It was packed full of amazing plants and animals and we got chatting to lots of other people that live locally who suggested some other places we could go to.

The best place we’ve visited, without a doubt, is the Horniman Museum near my home in south east London. It’s like a mini version of the Natural History Museum and has a brilliant brand new aquarium. It’s totally free to get in (although they welcome donations) and as well as the ongoing exhibitions and the cute café and shop, the outside grounds are stunning. They also hold regular events like markets, and even do storytelling sessions for kids.

If you haven’t done so already, get out and explore your local area. You’ll be amazed at what you can find to do for free!

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