Meditation – empowering your psyche

Meditation has long been understood as a powerful tool for relaxation. However, there are further benefits to be taken from this ancient practice. Meditating regularly can not only help us to conserve our energies, it can also help us to clean ourselves of clutter, in the form of negative energies, and empower our psyches.


The Dangers of Negative Energy


Deposits of energy from negative experiences or past traumas can remain in our psyches, energy-fields and our bodies. These energies stifle our psyches, inhibit our natural abilities and dampen our connections with the universe. Further, if left unchecked, these energies can become manifest in other ways, such as illness, disease and mental or emotional breakdowns. In addition, these negative energies serve only to attract other negative energies; the frequency at which your psyche vibrates – which is, in part, governed by the ratio of positive and negative energies you maintain – is attractive to other frequencies of the same level. So, if you’re feeling down and stagnant, the likelihood is that you will encounter people and situations that are equally weighed down.


A further reason to meditate and empower your psyche is that negative energy causes us to subconsciously resist the positive aspects of our lives. Love, laughter and creativity soon become things to be avoided as the subconscious swathes itself in a self-destructive comfort blanket.


Reclaim Your Identity


Meditation allows you to take an objective look at those aspects of your life that are troubling you. As you meditate, your subconscious will allow certain images, thoughts or emotions to bubble up to the surface. Often, given the state of tranquillity, these images are positive ones, but it is the negative feelings that you need to pay attention to. The subconscious communicates through the abstract, so it will require some thought and analysis before you are able to identify the root of any problem. However, this process in itself can be healthy, as long as you do not chase unconstructive thoughts around in circles; see them for what they are, work to understand them and then wave them goodbye. Our psyches are reflections of what we are and what we can aspire to be. By reclaiming the essence of our beings, we create a brighter future for ourselves.


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