Do you have a psychic connection with your pet?

Many pet owners feel they have a strong bond with their pet. However, could this simply be learned behaviour? Sceptics cite animals knowing when a meal is going to be given, being able to find their way home or knowing when it’s time for a walk as examples of habit and sense, much like the reaction’s given by Pavlov’s salivating dogs in the famous experiment. However, there is further evidence to suggest that people can develop psychic connections with their pets.

Inexplicable Behaviour

Cats and dogs are probably the two most popular pets the world over. Often, their behaviour is just the result of habit, but you may be able to discern something deeper. Take some time to think about your pet’s behaviour. Do they seem to know when you are down and need company? Is your dog able to anticipate the arrival of a guest? Does your pet feature strongly in your dreams?

Answering ‘yes’ to the questions above suggests that you do have a string psychic affinity with your pet. Cats and dogs are widely thought to have psychic abilities, often being able to sense events such as natural disasters, and even detect the presence of spirits. Your cat or dog is one of the few companions in your life that you interact with in a state of complete openness. With many of the people in our lives, we are guarded and raise our psychic shields, preventing them from fully getting to know is. Our pets see us as we are, without the barriers we put up to protect ourselves from the demands of others. So the relationship is a true and honest one.

Strengthen the Bond

If you believe you have a connection with your pet, there are steps you can take to further it. Create an atmosphere of peace and serenity - perhaps when you sit with your pet on the sofa. Speak in calming tones with your animal until you feel that it is in an almost meditative state. At this point, begin to visualise a command, such as your dog putting its head on your lap. Repeating this exercise, you may be able to build up a level of communication that transcends words entirely.

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