Major Arcana Tarot The Magician



This major card in the Tarot deck is designated as number 1 in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. The Magician holds a powerful influence over the rest of the deck, representing cosmic wisdom and clarity of thought. Usually depicted seated at a table with representations of the four elements in front of him, The Magician can have a direct affect on the surrounding cards and often speaks of a need to see and think clearly. He is basically telling the questioner that the answer to their query is within themselves, and that they have to look deeper into their own soul to discover the right course of action.

The Magician speaks of inspiration, of new projects and of a willingness to take a chance. That could be particularly relevant if the query revolves around a new job or career change, or a new relationship. However, the Magician doesn't have all the answers, and he directs the questioner to look at both the obvious and the hidden to form their own answer. He tells us that personal responsibility is the only true way to find answers, but that the creative aspect of our personality should be utilised to find a solution.

The Magician reversed

In the reversed position, the Magician can warn of someone who has devious intentions, who is playing with a 'stacked deck' or has an ulterior motive. Inverted, the Magician warns the questioner to check and double check again -are the facts being presented true? The Magician can also be a malevolent trickster, supplying false or misguiding information. It can also warn the questioner that they are fooling themselves and that they are ignoring signs that are obviously pointing them in an alternative direction. It could also mean that communications are delayed or misdirected, so if the questioner is waiting on important news there may be a prolonged period of time before they get the message.

The Magician is a powerful card both upright and reversed, and if he appears in a reading then the questioner would be wise to heed the message he brings. Ignore the Magician at your peril.

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