Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the card that seems to fly in the face of the whole Tarot system. The Tarot generally focuses on our responsibility towards ourselves and towards others; the powers represented are ours and the deck is merely a conduit towards deeper thought. However, the Major Arcana also deals with the grand themes of our lives: the dramas, the emotional journeys and the psychic energies at play. But even the Tarot knows that there are things that happen that are completely beyond our control.


Celebration and Consequences


The Wheel of Fortune shows a king and queen sat on top of a wheel, operated by a giant, otherworldly hand. The pair seems to be in celebration, holding golden goblets aloft. Generally, drawing this card indicates some good fortune or happy event that is about to occur; an event that has apparently come out of the blue. However, there is another figure on the card: a pair of legs leaving the picture, as though someone has been deposed from the pole position on the Wheel itself. Through this image, the Wheel reminds us that, despite the apparent randomness of an event, it will still have consequence; for every good there must be some evil and for every evil, there must be some good. Rather than being a party-pooper, the Tarot is simply reminding us that, even during unexpected joys, we must be aware of those around us; by all means celebrate and enjoy yourself, but be aware that others may not be feeling the same levels of happiness as you.


Everything Must Pass


The phrase ‘what goes around, comes around,’ could have been written for this card. Only by being responsible to ourselves and to those around us can we reap the true benefits of any situation. The fact that Fortune is represented by a wheel also serves to highlight that everything must pass: both good times and bad. While it may be your turn to sit on top of the Wheel for the moment, it will not be long before someone else takes your place. Embracing this notion can help you adapt to change, regardless of its import.


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