Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Tower

The Tower card is one of the most striking in the tarot deck. It depicts a tall, stone tower, besieged by the elements: storm clouds loom in the background, lightning flashes around it, waves crash against it, gales blow around it and the tower appears to be ablaze. On seeing this card, seekers are often fearful, believing that it signifies something malign – but what is the true meaning behind this card of the Major Arcana.


A Tower of Change


The Tower signifies change; a change which will appear to be very sudden and cause major upheaval. Most changes in our lives happen by degrees, giving us the chance to adapt to them or even prepare in advance. When we experience a sudden change, it is a surprise that shocks and startles us, leaving no room for preparation. However, these things are not necessarily bad for us. Picking the Tower suggests you have been existing in a state of detachment or have become inflexible in our thoughts. Sometimes it takes a sudden cataclysm to rouse us from this fog and take the opportunity to react. An emotional jolt can often be just what we need, whether we know it at the time or not.

The Tower of Ignorance

However, the Tower itself holds some significance: in its depiction, it is surrounded by motion, suggesting that the forces outside it have been growing for some time. In this case, the seeker is represented by the Tower and the hurly-burly outside suggests that we have either been ignoring or unaware of certain energies that have been bubbling away around us for some time. These energies are the result of a situation that has remained unresolved and the forces involved have reached their boiling point. 


The choosing of the Tower is not to be ignored; it is just that that has caused it to be drawn. However, instead of panicking or battening down the hatches, it may be that the card is suggesting a call to arms. You may need to address a situation that you have simply swept under the carpet or prepare yourself for the consequences of a deed you thought you had gotten away with.


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