Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Magician

The Magician card is one of the Major Arcana and typically depicts a man in robes, presiding over some sort of ceremony. There is a table in front of him, on which rest a sword, a chalice, a staff and a pentacle. Above his head is a lemniscates of energy and his belt appears to be made from a snake swallowing its own tail. This card is fraught with symbolism – but what does it mean to a seeker?


Unlimited Power

Drawing this card tells the seeker that he has more potential to change a situation that he is probably aware of. The Magician symbolises our innate abilities to deal with crisis and times of trouble, as well as our power to shape our own destinies. It is not coincidental that the items on the table correspond with the suits of the Tarot: Swords, Staffs, Pentacles and Chalices. This is seen to suggest that the Magician has all the tools of thought, creativity, action and emotion at his disposal, ready to be used when the time is right.


Effects and Consequences

The lemniscate (the infinite sign) signifies the infinite nature of energy. The fact that it hovers above his head tells us that the Magician is aware that the limitless energies of thought can be converted into deeds that have both effects and consequences; power is there to be used, but it must be used wisely. In addition, his belt is a serpent, forming a circle by devouring its own tail. This, too, is a reminder of the infinite nature of energy, but also symbolises the idea that regeneration is possible at any time; whenever we choose, we can ‘reinvent’ ourselves in some way – perhaps by embracing new thoughts or beginning a new lifestyle – and this can help us to forge clearer paths through life.


The Magician is a useful card for those who feel their lives are slipping away from them that they have no control over what is happening to them. It reminds us that the key to change must begin within; only there will you find all the tools necessary to shape the destiny you desire.


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