Love Tarot – Are You Destined To Meet Your Soul Mate?

Love Tarot is often used by people looking for their soul mate. These seekers may have been waiting for love for a long time, just come out of a failed relationship or simply be impatient to settle down; whatever their reasons, they are seeking some sign that there is true love on the horizon. However, are their expectations of the Tarot too high?

Emotions And Desires

Many people believe that once they find their soul mate, their life will be complete. As a result, Love Tarot readings can be difficult to perform; as a reader, you will find that the incredibly strong emotions and desires emanating from a seeker may interfere with what is actually at the heart of the matter. As a seeker, you may find that you are not getting the answers that you want to hear.

The Heart Of The Matter

So, what is at the heart of the matter? The answer is: you. What the Tarot will not do is give you the name, address and telephone number of the person who will make you feel whole. What it will do is highlight aspects of your personality and subconscious, both positive and negative, that may help or hinder you on your quest for love. The cards are not a dating service; they are a tool for self-enlightenment and self-improvement. By listening to the messages in the cards, you will find out what you really think, deep down, about certain situations and certain people. You will also discover why you are currently single and, as the cards focus on you, the answers may not be what you expect.

Part of the process in a reading is to offer up a question to the cards. In reality, you are asking this question of your subconscious self and allowing it to express itself through the deck. Rather than asking who your soul mate will be, it is far better to ask how you can attract the person you want to be with.

Love is a complex and emotive subject at the best of times. While the Tarot will help you understand your role in your own life and the lives of those around you, it cannot tell you who Mr. or Mrs. Right is going to be.

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