Let the stars guide you on your travels

Let's face it, in these days of package holidays and cheap flights, the whole world has become relatively accessible. So, where to choose?

Well, certain destinations have their own star sign depending on when they were founded and so one option is to maximise your potential holiday high jinks by selecting a destination that matches your own sign! Let us be your guide...

Aries - loves travelling with a sense of adventure.
City suggestions: Florence, Naples, Krakow, Marseilles.

Taurus - travels in style but plays it safe.
City suggestions: Dublin, Lucerne, Leipzig and Palermo.

Gemini - culture vulture who loves to learn and explore.
City suggestions: London, Cardiff, San Francisco, Versailles, Plymouth and Melbourne.

Cancer - loves group or family activities.
City suggestions: Amsterdam, Istanbul, Venice, Milan, Stockholm, New York, and Tokyo.

Leo - follows the cool crowd and wants romance or action!
City suggestions: Prague, Rome, Madrid, Mumbai, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

Virgo - likes well-planned, efficient travelling.
City suggestions: Boston, Geneva, Paris, Toulouse and Athens.

Libra - enjoys great socialising in beautiful settings (not fussy then!..)
City suggestions: Antwerp, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vienna, Lisbon and Johannesburg.

Scorpio - seeks out the extreme and the exotic.
City suggestions: Fez, Washington D.C., Valencia and Halifax.

Sagittarius - loves to explore and learn from their travels.
City suggestions: Stuttgart, Sydney, Toronto, Budapest and Cologne.

Capricorn - organises the itinerary (go with a Virgo!).
City suggestions: Brussels, Oxford, Ghent and Mexico City.

Aquarius - eco-conscious and keen to spread their humanitarian ideals.
City suggestions: Moscow, St Petersburg, Salzburg, Hamburg and Helsinki.

Pisces - go with the calm flow and enjoy spiritual adventures.
City suggestions: Seville, Warsaw, Alexandria and Jerusalem.

To read on, head over to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/yvonne-yorke/choose-your-next-vacation_b_642325.html

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