Jacko Séance

Having been tapped on the shoulder last week by Psychic Sister Jayne Wallace, it seems Michael Jackson will get no rest on the other side as this week Derek Acorah will be reaching out to him.

Tonight, world-famous psychic Derek Acorah will be holding a live séance on Sky 1 to contact Jacko from beyond the grave. Of course, there will be unannounced surprise guests that were friends and fans and the event is being shot at a familiar location to the singer. . .

Derek, 59, said: “I’m a huge fan of Michael’s. And, like millions of others, I want to find out the truth. I want to ask him how he died. I want to know if he is OK and if he is settled.

‘If Michael can channel his energy into me and wants to take over my body then I would be willing for that to happen.
‘If I start moonwalking then we’ll know it’s worked!’

Michael Jackson: The Live Séance airs tonight at 10pm on Sky1.

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