I've lost my love for shopping...

I had a big shock the other day. I was talking to my boyfriend and he asked me what I was wearing to a friend's upcoming wedding, 'I supposed you'll be buying something new?' he smiled, rolling his eyes.

And suddenly I realised that I haven't bought anything new for ages. Well, when I say ages, I mean at least six weeks.

As I'm based in the West End of London a lot for work and I'm always surrounded by shops I often find myself wandering aimlessly into the nearest store and picking up a pretty new bracelet or yet another pair of jogging bottoms (for lazing around in, not exercising in, of course) without even thinking about it.

But something's happened to me recently – I've stopped shopping. Without even really noticing it I've totally cut down on my spending (maybe all the talk about the credit crunch has finally taken effect?) and I just don't feel the same need to fill my wardrobe with new purchases 'just in case I need them'.

It's strangely liberating not to feel the need to buy something new on a whim. I just wish I'd done it a long time ago.
I went through my wardrobe recently in a bid to find something to wear to the aforementioned wedding so I kept up my amazing new non-spending way, and I ended up clearing it out completely and taking a huge bag of stuff to my local charity shop.

While I was in there I discovered a lovely Coast dress in my size that looked brand new and only cost me £7.50. It may have just been luck that I found something so perfect for such a bargain price, but personally I like to think of it as clothes karma!

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