Is your house haunted? - How to lay the spirits to rest

Admitting that your house might be haunted might be uncomfortable and even feel ridiculous, but it’s the first step in reclaiming your home. Hauntings can be manifest in a variety of ways. You might experience an inexplicable feeling of sorrow as you enter a room or sense that something resents your presence, which makes you unwilling to go in. It might be that you keep seeing a shadow out of the corner of your eye or get the feeling that you are being watched. Some people report that they feel someone brush against them, even though there’s no-one else around. Others hear strange noises, such as voices and footsteps while, in more extreme cases, some people report full-blown poltergeist activity; furniture moves, lights switch on and off and there are even incidences of supernatural assault. So, you know what’s going on, but how do you lay these restless spirits to rest?

Do some homework

Before you go reaching for your Proton pack, there are a few things you can do to set the ball rolling. The first of these is research; it pays to know what you might be dealing with. If you can, get hold of the previous residents and see if they had any similar experiences. In the event that they have, ask them whether they know anything about what might be causing the paranormal activity. Using the Internet, it’s also possible to find out more about your property. You might want to start with council records as to when the property was built, what was there before and whether it was the site of any tragic accidents, untimely deaths or even murders. It’s also worth trawling the ‘haunted house’ sites to see if your address features anywhere. However, what you’re ultimately after is a name; the name of the person or people who are trapped between the physical and spirit worlds.

 Find out what happened

 Once you’ve identified your ghost, you need to do some more research, to find out just what happened to them. Most ghosts are the spirits or psychic manifestations of people who have died before they have had the chance to fulfil their destiny. The knowledge of this causes their psychic residue to linger, as they look for away to see their missions through. This can lead to frustration on the spirit’s behalf and result in apparently malicious behaviour.

 Others may be the victims of a violent death and are seeking some form of retribution – even if it just means making people aware of what happened to them. In addition, there are those spirits whose physical lives ended so suddenly that they are unaware that they are dead and try to go about their daily routines; your presence might trouble them, which is why you may experience sensations of resent or find that these ghosts appear in particular places at particular times.

Who you gonna call?

 Armed with this information, your next best port of call is to find a respected psychic. What you want from them, initially, is some verification that your suspicions are correct. There’s no point hiding the information you’ve gleaned from them; respected psychics are not tricksters or con artists and they’ll be aware of just how distressing a haunting can be – for both you and the ghost in question. You can find good psychics through word of mouth or hunt them out through the Internet. Be sure to look for testimonials and don’t be afraid to contact them in advance; often you can get a sense of how capable a psychic is, just from chatting to them.

 Once you’re happy that the person you’re talking to is right for the job then you need to arrange a visit from them. To begin with, it will all appear rather anticlimactic; they will likely just walk around your house, from room to room, and report what they are able to sense. Any dramatics involving rolling eyes, funny voices or apparent possession are a sign that you’ve been hoodwinked; it doesn’t work that way and you are completely within your rights to tell your psychic that their services are no longer required.

Laying a spirit to rest

 After stretching out with their senses, your psychic should be able to tell you what’s taking place in your home. The information you’ve supplied should allow them to make more accurate readings, although you might find that the spirit is nothing to do with it in the first place. Once you’ve reached an understanding of what’s taking place, your psychic may ask you if you want them to lay that spirit to rest, which they might decide to do there and then or ask if they can come back at a more suitable time. Whatever they decide, you need to remember that it’s nothing to be scared of.

Dealing with a restless spirit is much like dealing with a troubled child; they need to be convinced that you mean them no harm. In truth, they are likely to be far more scared and suspicious than you are. The process of laying that spirit to rest involves making contact and explaining to the spirit that they are causing difficulties in the physical plane. Sometimes a spirit will want to relate its story before it moves on and it may even need a little bit of coaxing, before it makes its final journey to the ‘other side’. Psychics will often see spirits on their way with a blessing of some sort, which is much like the reassurance a child gets from being tucked in at night. The whole experience is benign and should pass without any problem.

As a final gesture, your psychic might offer to put a blessing or psychic shield over your home. While this may not be necessary, it can be worth doing – even if it only acts to give you peace of mind. Once the psychic cleansing is over, you might find that you want to give your home a spring clean, which will also help to remove any residual energy and help you to reclaim your space.


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